Become a Partner and Distributor of Double Plus, Enjoy Healthy living & Build another Income source!

At Olive & Mima we have partnered with Double Plus to bring you the 3rd largest medicine of the future – Quantum. Our goal is not only to sell you products, but also inspire and help the young, men and women discover how they can enjoy health, live happy and build their own business on a platform that is sustainable and promoting health and wellness of friend, family and clients.

Would you love to partner and make steady high monthly income with so little capital to start?

Register with Double Plus with as little as N50k; become a Distributor and get instant 50% discount to buy all of Double Plus other unique Products and enjoy continuous preferential treatment without any other hidden charges, 'autoship' or bill from Double Plus - just one-time Registration and you are given a Quantum product of your choice which makes you a Distributor.

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3 Reasons You should click on the Register Now button!

1. Anyone with desire to succeed can make the most out of this opportunity and Double Plus products are unique and have great health benefits that is vital for everyone; adult, children or even pregnant women and CHANGING A LOT OF LIVES!

2. Double Plus is well established, positioned for the long run in Nigeria and boasts of high quality products with low price. The one-time Distributor registration fee is small and the company is managed by a professional management team.

3. Very exciting and high reward policy that ensures your bonus is paid out to your bank account every week. Take advantage of Double Plus recent entry into Nigeria direct selling market, couple with her continuous training and support to help you expand your business quickly.

Double Plus Quantum Products is changing a lot of lives and you feel better, give you energy daily and rewards you with unlimited bonus as you use and promote it!

Watch this live Testimonies from Double Plus Seminars:

Quantum Induced products from Double Plus helps prevent many prevailing diseases and environmental pollution like radiation.

For instance the *Quantum Marvelous Ceramics Tableware, *Quantum Steel Bracelet and the *Quantum Polarized Eyeglasses (know as Designated Products) improves your body micro circulation speed (MCS), there by instantly improving your: >> Physical Strength by 50% >> Body Balance by 30% >> Body Flexibility by 15% >> Body Endurance by 15%

You get Value for every kobo of your Money

Select any of the Quantum Products of your choice for Registration

1. Quantum Marvelous Ceramic Tableware (worth N180,000 but you get it for N50,040 for 6 pieces)

2. Quantum Steel Bracelet (worth N35,000 for one N70,000 for 2, but you get 2 pieces for N45,720

3. Quantum Polarized Eye glasses (worth N65,000 for 1, but you get it for N43,200)

Once your payment is confirmed; Your chosen product(s) will be DELIVERED to your address FREE nationwide!

We are giving out free fully deployed functional WordPress e-commerce website with your custom domain name to the first 10 people who Registers and pay through our online secure payment platform – Paystack®.


Sample of e-commerce site

Quantum Testimonies

When we got home last Friday night, we got the beans we bought in the ceramic bowl and left it there for 3 days….to our greatest surprise, it did not sour and the salt content of the food reduced. We also notice that it increases energy and gives us a general well-being as we use it to eat and drink water.

Truly this bowl is marvellous….we hope to make it our only eating bowl. —Mr.&Mrs. Okeke from Lagos


 Am so grateful to Mr. Amara for introducing me to this company – Double Plus. When I started, I had to squeeze to get the money to buy the Registration product. Just 6 months down the road, I have made over a million naira from this business. It’s not by my power but God who has given me the strength and wisdom and my continuous dedication to the business have proven successful for me, I was able to make it thus far. You too can. —-Madam Amara N. Lagos.

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>> A Quantum Product that you choose (delivered to your address free)

>> Access to all of Double Plus products @ 100% discount, whether for private use or resale.

>> You get 30% (N12,960) on referrals.

>> You are paid 10% (N4,320) 'matching' bonus and 5% (N216) leadership bonuses according to the performance of your business.

>> You get to resell all Double Plus products at 100% profit margin. Example the Sanitary Pad sold @ N350 you can resell @N700 or @N1000

>> Free training on Quantum Technology** and how to leverage on company resources to grow your business across Nigeria!

>> Your own back-end online office to track your progress.

>> An e-commerce online store with your own*

>> An opportunity to own a digital asset: shopping and retail store where you can track your sales and run an online business.

To Register with any of Designated Products is easy; Click the REGISTER NOW button. 
Fill in your details and a Double Plus Customer Service Representative will contact you to answer your questions and guide you on how you can PAY and RECEIVE YOUR CHOICE PRODUCT(S). 

Some of Double Plus Products:

*For the first 10 people to Register and pay through our online secure payment platform – Paystack

** Quantum Technology is the third largest medicine of the future – also know as ENERGY MEDICINE. Quantum Energy is extremely easy to enter human cells with no side effects. Half life-span of Quantum induced products is 50 years!

***Using Quantum induced products doesn’t stop you from following your Doctor’s prescription. Quantum Induced products doesn’t claim to heal but can alleviate ailment – watch this video

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